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Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hooray! I have finally graduated!  So now the real work begins.  I am working with a small team to get a game demo out by the end of summer, Ill try to finish that darned last Dr. Nimbus Comic, and I've got a personal piece on the way soon.  It looks like they took down my Huey and Sara animatic because I had music playing that I didn't have permissions for.  Rubbish. Ill toss up silent one soon. Thanks for all the support everyone!  Now I'm going to submit my work to EEEEVVVVERRRYYOOONNNEEEE......

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Huey and Sara Animatic

So I forgot to put this up here when I finished it, nothin fancy.
Music by Feist, added tunes by me.

Splinter Transformation

Here is a quick study I did of the Splinter to Little Thing transformation.

Roger 3D Model

So I also modeled Roger.  Every time I model I learn more things so while this model isn't everything I wanted it to be, it also was a great learning experience.  

A Few More Things....

Final Character Lineup

This is a splinter design.  He is the "possessed" version of the Little Defender.

This is a rework of the very first piece I did this year.

And I reworked some of this a little too.