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Friday, December 31, 2010

Last December Post!!!

Okay, I have officially uploaded anything significant that I have done in the past 2 1/2 years. It's not posted in the order I made them in, but they are up. That took way longer than expected. Next semester starts soon so keep an eye out, as I am really going to try and keep up with this blog business this time. Happy New Year!!!

Class Collective

This was a fun assignment from my Concept Art class. Each student got the same jpeg file (above) and we all made a concept based on it (below). I've noticed I see flying ships a lot...

Dr. Nimbus Concept

Here are the first Dr. Nimbus concepts.

Knight Rescue

This was an exercise in for my Sequential Art class. The idea was to have a character acquire something.

The Duchess: Phase 4

Finally we combined the normal maps from Zbrush with diffuse and spec maps to make the final product. This class was awesome.

The Duchess: Phase 3

Then we got to sculpt in Zbrush! So much fun.

The Duchess: Phase 2

So after the concept stage we made our 3D model. First model I've ever made and full of very strange geometry choices. But a great learning experience.

The Duchess: Phase 1

So there was this really super awesome class I took before I left MICA two years ago called Game Art: Beyond Pac-Man. The idea was to take a character from concept to normal mapped low-poly model in the span of a summer class. I picked this character called The Duchess. She leads a rebellion known as the Red Victory to take power back from the usurpers of King Arcturus. Her weapon is a combination of technology and alchemy. She likes big feathers.

Calydonian Boar Hunt

This was for the CG Society Steampunk Myth Challenge. I chose the Calydonian Boar, one of my favorites.


Once again, more Sci-Fi LOTR! Props. I still like the table a lot better haha.

Sketches pt.11

Sketches from Earthbound

Sketches pt.10

Sketches from Earthbound

Sketches pt.9

Sketches from Godzilla

Sketches pt.8

Sketches from Mr. Moleskin

Sketches pt.7

Sketches from Mr. Moleskin

Sketches pt.6

Sketches from Mr. Moleskin