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Thursday, March 22, 2012


Hey all you wonderful people. I finally updated, so go check out stuff! If you want to see all my work for my thesis, just click on the THESIS LABEL to the left. Oh and this is my business card front and back. Don't go to the site since it is not quite done yet. Wooo!

Tangent Streets

New Environment! This one I polished more. These are the Tangent Streets, an area Roger goes to after the Gardens of Calm but before the Land of Fear. It's a city made up of nothing but doors. Some lead to rooms, others lead to other doors, some lead nowhere. I also needed a piece without fall colors in my portfolio.

By The Way...

...did you know I was modeling Roger?

Father and Brother Characters

So I decided that the family characters were all going to have some sort of green and gold on them to identify them as characters that are connected. The brother character above is met when Roger gets to The Land of Fear up in the sky which eventually turns into the Hope Islands. His bow is made of heart-string which he eventually gives Roger to upgrade his weapon. The father character acts as a guide through the Maze of Anxiety which turns into the Gardens of Calm. He gives Roger his shepherds staff once it is repaired.

Materials and Weapons Sheet

More stuff! Above is a materials sheet that juxtaposes the look and feel of Roger's mind when it's all happy vs when it's all...not. The bottom dishes are full of what the enemies (splinters) are made of and what the friendly AI (little things) are made of. The bottom piece is a layout of the designs for Roger's censer weapon including his final weapon (the red one). Enjoy!

Quick Environments

So one of the projects for the second semester that I wanted to work on were quick environment sketches. Each of these took me about 4-5 hours which may sound like a lot, but that is really good for me. They aren't worked up to polish but that's okay. I wanted to see what I could accomplish in that amount of time in terms of lighting info, mood, and space. The top one is Roger in the Want Marshes at the bottom level of the inside out tower. The bottom pic is of a later area called the Hope Islands where Roger's mind is way up in the sky.

Mother Final

Okay so I've been bad about posting this semester, but no more! Here is the final of the mother character. She has a few edits ahead of her but nothing too drastic. She meets roger in a greenhouse inside the Tower of Ascension once it turns inside out. She gives him a new cloak.